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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Babbles

I was sitting here thinking about what I accomplished this weekend but then thinking about all I need to do before the 'little dudes" and their mothers get here. I am now counting the days. This will be the first time '" the man of the place" will have seen the boys.

I helped feed the cows again yesterday and enjoy it just as much as I did last weekend.

We have some new babies born this past week, including Cherry had her calf, a little boy.
I did not see one eagle out there this time, I do not know how far their territory is but I know they are around.

I was out in one of the pastures and notice this Sycamore tree.

Looks like 5 trees in one.
I have a thing for this tree, when I was a child growing up in Sacramento, there in downtown are all these trees along the sides of the streets. I have such fond memories of these trees and how big they were and the smell of them in the fall time. These trees can live a very long time, 2 - 3 hundred years. This ones trunk is so cool. I'm guessing it's been around at least 50 years.

What is this!!!

 Oh the other end of this, chow time



Oh darn there is congestion in the road ahead. You think out in the country you would get away from that.

 They are following me now, I am the gravy train to them.

 Oh no, someone trying to sneak a nibble again.

I was able to work on the Dresden Plate quilt I started so long ago, at least it seem like that. It's been over a year
I was able to sew the blocks together and next is the border. I would like to get that completed tomorrow.
Will see.


  1. I love seeing photos of your farm and animals. The babies are adorable. And I love your Dresden Plate with the black sections. Are they called compasses? Whatever they're called, they add a nice touch to the Dresden plates.

  2. That's so cute- a traffic jam...


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