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Thursday, January 10, 2013

January is National Soup Month

I just heard this on the morning news show, to be honest it makes since being that it is cold out and a nice warm bowl of soup is such comfort food.

10 Great Great Things about Soup
Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about Soup.

1.The English word "soup" is originally from the Middle Ages word "sop," a bread slice over which meat drippings were poured on.

2.Soup and sandwich originated somewhere in Europe.

3.Archeological evident suggests that soup dates as far back as6000 B.C.

4.It is estimated that 2.2 billion soup and sandwich meals are consumed a year in the United States Alone.

5 It has been stated that 65% of households serve at least one bowl of soup during a two week period in the United States.

6.Vegetable soup has become a healthy meal staple in the last decade because of it has been said that compounds found in vegetables may fight cancer.

7. It has been said that chicken soup has natural healing powers for the common cold.

8. There is a note that Judy Garland was on an MGM Studio slim-down diet of chicken soup.

9. Queen Victoria's favorite soup of chicken and ham became known as Queen Victoria Soup.

10. When Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States, he was said to have celebrated the day by eating with mock turtle soup.

I found these on this site here which has more info and recipes if you're interested.

And there is another site called Soup Hoopla that has facts, history and other tip bits I found amusing.  Plus a large collection of recipes for soups.

Speaking of recipes I would like to share a couple of mine I written about in the past, 
2 recipes here Beef Vegetable and Barley plus Split Pea
My Taco Soup recipe. 
Then there is a Potato Soup one that's yummy.

I love soup and in honor of National Soup Month, I believe I'll make a soup for dinner tonight. If you have a recipe to share or a suggestion, I would love to try something new.


  1. We've been eating soup all week long. Today it's pretty much more of a meatless hobo "stew"

  2. I love making a New York (tomato based) clam chowder! OMG, it's delish...


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