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Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Intentions

I had planned that this past weekend would be like most weekends and that is "The Man of the Place" would be tending the cows and I would be home doing my chores and maybe some sewing. I had plans to try to finish up my Easy Street. But this weekend was going to be different, seeing how my father-in-law was not going to be able to help with the feeding of the cows. That meant I get to help, it's been awhile and I have to admit I have missed it.

 My job is to drive the feed truck, that is loaded with 3 bales of hay, drive out to the pasture where needed and put the hay out to the cows. 
 Here they come, its funny about cows most of the time they will walk single file to where they are going and if one of the cows stop all the ones behind that cow stop too. No one will go around, they will just stand there and wait.
 Someone is trying to sneak a nibble of hay, one of my jobs is to try to keep them off the bales.
 I get 3 bales on the truck I drive.

 We have 3 pasture we have cows in and I follow "The Man of the Place" to where he knows the hay rings are. 

 There was not a cow to be seen in this pasture until the tractor came with the hay.

My other job was to cut the netting on the bales so I can remove it when the bale is lifted and moved to where they need to be.

This is one of my cow's Snickers babies; This is Cherry (Mash). Remember I name all of Snickers babies after candy bars.

 This is one of our new calves, isn't she cute.

On our place we have Bald Eagles that come every winter. That day I saw 3 eagles and this one stayed perched long enough for me to take picture and then it flew off.
 On my father-in-law place is this old cemetery. 

It was such a nice weekend we decided to go to a State Park near by, Natural Falls. Has some hiking trails and one leads to the falls.  
 Very Pretty
 It has been so cold the past week that some of the dripping spring water has froze on this rock and still was frozen the day we were there.


  1. oh I love reading your posts. The falls looked like such a nice place to take a dip until you showed the ice, lol

  2. What a great way for us to see what your day can be like when you are not quilting! You are definitely a hard worker. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love cows. :) Yes, that baby is so cute!

  4. Thanks for showing us around it looks like you had a great day and your babies are very cute.

  5. I enjoyed this post so much....I used to subscribe to Farm and Ranch magazine just to read the diaries of life on the different farms.....I didn't grow up on a farm although at one time we did have a cow for milk and chickens for eggs...and from time to time my family would have a hog on someone else's place that they helped feed and then slaughtered for the meat...Honey Bear and I had a heard of Black Angus cows for a few years, they calved and the calves were taken to sale....It was still a small spread and I enjoy reading about the bigger ones like yours.
    Mama Bear

  6. That's funny that they all line up! And $150.00 for a burial plot, holy cow! What a deal!!!


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