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Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Up 1/14/13

This morning I thought I would do little prep work on my daughters quilt that I started back in 2004. My plan was to get it prep to sew and then I would be a little ahead at getting it done.
  So I put it up on the design wall the three rows left to sew. I thought, okay I need to make sure that the row before this one I'm starting is in the right direction. I didn't want to accidentally get them flipped around. That next row was okay, and the next one was okay, then I got up to like the fifth row back and realized, oh no I made a mistake. 
 Okay can you see where my mistake is. I took picture of when I flipped them the right direction, all right side up.

 and then I flipped the boo boo ones the wrong side up. I cannot believe I did that. 

Just a little boo boo
You see this quilt I am doing is all sewn by hand and then I'm going to hand quilt it. I thought I was just down to three rows left to do and then start attaching all the rows. But now I get to add these two extra rows.  So now I have five rows to sew.
 What is it with cat's and quilts, Shankopotamus aka "Buddy" giving us a look. 
The pattern for this quilt is called Candy Wrappers

Found the pattern in this book, which I have made another quilt from. There are quite a few in there I have on the "list" 

Once I get the prep work done on that quilt, I'm continuing on Easy Street. This is on my Getting it Done list for this month and I'm dying to see it all made up. Thank you for all the nice comments and I hope to finish responding to them all here soon



  1. If I could put a band-aide on your Boo Boo I would, so sorry that you have to do some back tracking and by hand too. Oh and Buddy is gorgeous.

  2. Nice design, ah well, we all mess up once in a while. Buddy's CUTE! Post more cat pics :)

  3. That Candy Wrappers quilt is gorgeous!! I love all the scrappy goodness of the colours. It looks happy.

  4. Beautiful quilts, all. Your kitty thinks so as well. Take care.

  5. Lovely quilt. This will certainly be a treasure. For me, mistakes show up once i photograph the blocks! Ah well, it is all just part of handwork. Thanks for sharing your work. I came by via Judy's link-up.

  6. I had to do some unsewing yesterday too. Yuck. But the results are worth it. Your quilts are pretty! Cats and quilts seem to go together-more kitty pictures!

  7. I love the colors you've chosen for your Easy Street! I've only seen it in the grays and bright green that so many bloggers chose, based on Bonnie's design, and didn't really like it. Yours is gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished!

  8. That's a fabulous layout for those blocks!
    I don't think I've seen it before.


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