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Monday, September 21, 2015

What's Up

I'm prepping some projects that I have started and they're doing a rotation on the wall today

I'm preparing the 4th and last block of Scandinavian Christmas. Don't you find it exciting when you get down to the end of the project. It's will be ready to appliqué, then I will do the embroidery work.

For the appliqué pieces of Scandinavian Christmas you can use a wash away appliqué sheet which works beautiful. I run it through  the printer then I roughly cut the shapes out and press them onto my wool or cotton. Will turn under the edge and glue baste it down. Now they're ready to be appliquéd. I've used freezer paper using this technique but some of these pieces are so small I find it easier to use a product like this which will wash away and you can just print it in your printer.  Small pieces can be quite challenging with freezer paper. 
The products I've tried are C&T and the other called Hugs and Kisses. Both work equally well, I just like to needle through Hugs and Kisses better. It seems to be slightly thinner paper. The only problem with that product is that it is hard to find in the United States. It's from Australia and so I had to special order it

Speaking of embroidery. I'm prepping some of the blocks to winter wonderland. I had started this a couple years ago, worked on it and then it's taken a backseat to Ruby's Garden and another project. But now it's back to working on this one. Being that the top fabric which at the very pale blue, you can see through it, just like you can with a lot of fabric that you do your embroidery work on. You need to back it with something. You can back it with a fusible  lightweight fabric that I have here.

Or you can take a piece of muslin as the back fabric. 
 When I use muslin I take basting spray and put a very light coat on the muslin, then I place the top fabric on top of that and smooth it out to get any wrinkles out... that works just as well as the product that you can buy from Pellon that you can iron on.

And on the snowman quilt I have used both a printable sticky back transfer-eze or draw the design.. 
I use transfer-eze when there's a lot of detail to the block and do you not want to spend all of that time tracing. 

For the one's aren't that detailed or I need to fill in gaps I just use my fusion pen and trace out with the lightbox to help

I prepped for the paper piecing patterns that I will need for the laugh two blocks of Farmer's wife for month 4.

And then like I haven't done enough already I am prepping the last blocks of "Words to Live By" to be appliqué down. 

Have 9 blocks completed and almost done with #10

I have four small corner blocks, the large center block and three at the 12" blocks left to go. It will be a gorgeous quilt when it's completed and I can't wait.


  1. Your Christmas piece really is so beautiful!! xx

  2. Scandinavian Christmas is just stunning, I am looking forward to seeing it complete. Some great tips.

  3. Beautiful quilts! Can't wait to see them complete.

  4. "Yay!" for the home stretch of Scandinavian Christmas. That is one of my favs. You got so much prep work done! It'll be nice to have all those things just ready to go when you can pick them up. Thank you for sharing the products you use. I want to try a couple of them out. The backing for the lightweight embroidery fabric - do you apply that after you've done the stitchery, or do you do the stitching through the double layer?

  5. Oh wow,
    love your on the go projects, they are just adorable.

  6. You are working on lots of fun projects.... looking forward to watching their progress! Christine x

  7. Both Scandinavian Christmas and Winter Wonderland are such fun projects. They will be lovely quilts... as will the others that you are working on.

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Stitchery Link Party. Aloha hugs!

  8. Lots of beautiful projects in the works.


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