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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Can't Believe Everything on the Internet

I had read somewhere on the internet that groundhogs were solitaire animals. A few days ago something dug out the dirt from the previous hole in the chicken house. 
Put the cage out by the hole day before yesterday, just like the first time but didn't get any activity. I expected that to happen.

 but  yesterday afternoon another groundhog was in the trap. 

It's a big one. The Man of the Place thinks it's bigger and fatter than the last one. I think it has more brown near its chest. 
I think they are cute and they really don't bother us much but just can't have it stealing chicken food and scaring the girls. Bad enough they are molting and that alone can lower egg production. Then being scared on top of it....
no wonder I'm getting no eggs.  

So cutie here 
 spent the night in the back of the truck away from predators.
And this morning he was move to it's new home. 

Image result for groundhog clipart


  1. Oh My Goodness! All of these predators...they are so lucky you are moving them on!

  2. Well I am pleased you are sharing pics as I have no idea what one looks like to you shared on you blog.....hope you don't get any more......

  3. He is one big fellow. Hope that's the last one trying to spend the night with the chickens.


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