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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The good life

Some days you think life could not get any better. This weekend was one of those.
It was quiet which gave me time to reflect on my life.  What I've done, where I've been, where I'm at and where I see myself in the future but not just myself my family too.
That's what sewing does for me sometimes, give me that quiet time to think and reflect.
So this weekend I was able to have enough time to finish my RSC 15 blocks. 

And finish prepping the Words to Live By  blocks and if Scandinavian Christmas that I have been working on off and on all week. 
I had also given it some thought about a couple projects I had started and where I see myself going with those. 

And decided that instead of making a full size quilt out of the twisted blossom block I'm just going to make a baby quilt.

Using this Grey and turquoise. 
 So today I will spend part of it cutting out what I need to make this baby quilt and another. 

And should have enough to put up on the design wall to show tomorrow.
Then I spent time just relaxing and going through old quilt magazine.
It's something that has been needed for quite a while
Cannot think of a better relaxing activity then to sit on the back porch and browse through magazines
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  1. That does sound like a wonderful relaxing day!

  2. Nothing beats putting your feet up with a magazine and a cup of tea.

  3. It was a beautiful weekend to be sitting out on the porch. Looks like you got lots of decisions made and a start on the outcomes.

  4. LOVE your Twisted Blossom block!! I like your plan for a baby quilt in gray and turquoise. It will be so soothing for a sweet little bundle.

  5. So glad you found time for relaxation. Looks like you got a lot done! Congratulations.

  6. We all have to take time to stop and reflect on what we're doing and where we're headed. Glad you found such an opportunity for yourself. :- )

  7. Love all your blocks. Beautiful orange prints.
    Sometimes I think you can never make too many baby quilts.


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