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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Slow Sunday

I am having a true slow Sunday. Got up at 7, which is sleeping in. And slowly had my cup of coffee, then finally got dressed and out of the house shortly before 9 o'clock. Now that is being slow. 
This morning is another gorgeous pre-fall morning.

 It was a pleasant walk

Then I spent some time in the garden. 

Tending to some weeds and planting a few more seeds for a fall crop. It's getting towards the end of the planting season.
Our first frost is around the first part of November.

Then this afternoon Bonnie Hunter had one of her "Quilt Cams". 

Which I haven't seen in a long time. So I stitched along with Bonnie. Worked on the Red String.

And then this evening I believe I am going

 to work some more on my Scandinavian Christmas. I've been taking a little break from hand quilting and appliquéing these past couple nights and doing some embroidery.
If you get a chance go over to Kathy's quilts and check out what others are doing today.


  1. I really like your Scandinavian Christmas. I've never watched one of Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cams, but I did participate in her Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt last year and hope to do the one this year.

  2. Scandinavian Christmas is looking great!

  3. The Scandinavian Christmas is a real delight, a feast for the eyes, beautiful.

  4. Cute little Scandinavian Christmas Stitchery, looks very pretty Kat.

  5. Scandinavian Christmas is so pretty. Hope you've been enjoying the cooler temps the last few days.


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