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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Full Week

It's hard to believe it's been a week since I last wrote. But I can understand because a lot has been going on this past week
Last Thursday it started with Bible study in the morning, stitch group in the afternoon and Thursday evening preparing for my daughters visit for the weekend.
Friday was an exciting day I caught the groundhog that's been visiting in the hen house. I will show more of that at the end of the post. And Crystal showed up that afternoon.
Saturday we had a small family gathering to celebrate Crystal's birthday with dinner and some cake.
Sunday Crystal and I did a little cooking, little lounging and a lot of visiting.
Monday being Labor Day "The Man of the Place" was home and we had planned to go out to eat and just do a little drive around. But that got put back by a few hours due to the fact that we lost water to the house. You see we are on well water and so if you lose electricity water goes out. We have no water.  So we check the breaker, we change the water filter and we still had no water coming to the house. At least we did have water there at the well house. We knew it was either a line to the house or maybe the bladder that regulates the water pressure to all the outside line
Being a holiday there is no way to get anyone out here to check it so it wasn't until yesterday afternoon right before I was going to leave to go to our 1930's club the service man showed up to check our system.
And yes it is the bladder to the water system.
So we have been roughing it for the past couple days, heating water on the stove, washing ourselves and dishes with that.  Thank goodness we still had water coming from the well house otherwise we would've had to go down to the creek to get water and that would only been used for the toilet
Today they are supposed to replace the bladder tank and hopefully we will have water.  I need to do laundry.
I have had a different weekend but I was able to do some hand stitching on my "Words to Live By" quilt and some quilting.

 It was a packed house last night at the 30 club but unfortunately we only had one person who is able to bring their RSC block to show. I hadn't a chance to work on them over the weekend myself so I was one of them that didn't bring their blocks
Now the part about Mr. groundhog.
As mention earlier on this past month we have been trying to rid the hen house of the visiting groundhog. A little of what I have said previously is that we had a groundhog burrowed into the hen house. We would shovel the dirt back in the hole and within a few days he would dig it back out. 

This has been going on the past month. And while he was visiting and eating the laying pellet, we had raccoon's break into the hen house one night and killed one the girls. After that night my main focus was to capture and relocate the varmints. I trapped 7 coons in 4 nights. 
Poor chickens....   
In the mean time we had thought about how we would go about trapping the groundhog. They normally do not go for bait in a trap. I heard you can but I never had luck. They like choice, fresh veggies and fruit.
I had some years pass trap a group of them that were eating up the veggies in the garden, At that time they had burrowed under the fence we have and getting their fill of veggies. 
I figure I could try what worked that time.

And that is to put the live trap near the entrance to the hole. Needed to make barriers so the groundhog is directed to go in the direction of the opening to the trap.
No bait, just let it think its going back in to get the laying pellets.
Now I didn't think it would work the first day but it did. 

Boy is he a big, healthy, fat groundhog.

Now with him we only took him a mile away to release. Figured the other end of our property was far enough.
At least I hope so..

good riddance. 


  1. I thought that was quite fascinating, I have never seen a ground hog before. Such a shame about the chicken, it seems to be a constant battle with the racoons.

  2. We have a trap just like that for foxes and feral cats........ Never seen a ground hog... They are big......

    1. Do they come to the fence and then dig under a we have got meeting attached to the base of the fence that lays just under the ground out from the fence..... That stops the foxes digging under......

  3. Gosh it has all been going on at your house! I hope that the water is fixed again. xx

  4. Hope you have water now and that the pesky ground hog hasn't found his way back.


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