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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Yarn Along, Beens to Long

I haven't done much knitting these past couple of months other than trying to work on the "2 at a time Toe up magic loop socks". I had worked on them while in Colorado last month but I haven't picked up my needles since then. Right now I'm at the heel point of the socks. 

It's not that they are hard or anything it's just that I just haven't been spending the time knitting like I should.
I need to complete these so I can start on my daughters socks.
 Found this nifty orange and black dyed yarn at a yarn shop in Tulsa and a bonus is that they are from a local company here in Oklahoma

For ones who do not know the school colors of orange and black, is OSU. That is where my youngest daughter attended college and graduated from. 

And for the reading portion of this post I am currently listening to Of Mice and Men. 

Image result for of mice and men

I am joining a reading group this month and this was one of the books required to have read. 

Image result for go set a watchman

The other is Harper Lee's new book Go Set a Watchmen
I had really enjoyed reading Go Set a Watchmen. I can understand why others were somewhat upset with how the character Atticus was portrayed.  So differently than he was in To Kill a Mockingbird. But if you were to take it into perspective of the time and age of Atticus and location.... I think you could understand some of what Harper Lee was trying to get across to her readers. 
It should be a good discussion at the book club.

Till next time 


  1. Your endless crafting talent never ceases to amaze. Love the colour of the socks, a really lovely shade of blue.

  2. Hello Kat! This is my first Yarn Along. It's fun! I like that little "egg count" you have on the left. Our daughter AND our son have chickens and they get excited about the eggs, too.
    I don't know how to use the sock needles you have pictured. I need to learn.
    I'm going to read Go Set a Watchman, too.

  3. I really like that orange and black yarn. That will make some great socks for an OSU grad.

  4. What a great treat to have handknitted socks to keep your toes warm! I could do with some socks now as my toes are cold, I might just go and grab a pair! xx

  5. Your socks look great and the new yarn is delicious!


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