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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

70's In December

Yes that's right, it's 70° and here it is December 9.
This is unseasonably warm weather, but I have to admit I am enjoying it because I was able to put in some outside time that I normally wouldn't of been able to this time a year.

Before I went outside today this morning, seeing how is it was in the 30's and 40's. 
 I worked on some of my Quilty 365 circles
I have been searching for Christmas fabric to add to the boys I spy quilts.

 And here are some of them that I found.

Christmas is such a fun one to do. 

I have a few more fabrics but not enough to go all the way to 25 December.

I'm not sure what I'll do.
 I'll deal with that when it when the time comes.

Then this afternoon I spent time on something I normally do the end of October to the middle of November but seeing how I was gone this year and when I got back we had a whole mess of rain that the ground was too wet to mow.

I like to do a real close to the ground cutting of my grass to pick up the dead grass and all the leaves that had fallen. They get all chopped up and then put in my vegetable beds
It serves a couple purposes, it decomposes overwinter and becomes a wonderful mulch in the spring
Second it also serves as a blanket during the winter that keeps weeds from growing and helps warm up the soil faster come springtime
Plus it just makes my yard look really nice and clean for the winter
Oh yeah can't forget it also helps with any fire danger we might have during the winter.  With shorter grass there's less threat of it coming close to the house


  1. 70 here too in Arkansas - only thing not nice is knowing we will have more rain this weekend and the ground still saturated in places from the last two weeks. Love your circles!

  2. Love the Christmas fabrics, a wonderful selection. We have had one storm after the other with rain and wind, such a lot of homes and business's are flooded which is heart breaking.

  3. It has been unseasonably warm this year. Drama Teen and I attempted some shopping yesterday and she said it's supposed to be cold when you go shopping. But it has been nice for getting some of those late year chores done. It's been such a wet year, that it's been hard to get to all of them.


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