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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Farm. Chores

I thought I would show some of the farm chores I do on a daily basis.
I tend to the chickens first thing in the morning to let the girls out, give a little scratch and check the nesting boxes. 

Woo hoo another egg this morning. 

This is the girl right there, in front.  She is the only one out of the eight that is laying eggs right now.
She deserves extra scratch if I can figure out how to keep the others out of it. 
Then I'll walk down to the barn to feed the heifers. 

We have 10 young heifers separated, which I feed 4 buckets of cattle cubes to every day. 

We have also 12 heifers who are going to give birth within the next couple of months in the pasture right next to the barn.
That is also where the container that holds the cattle cubes is located. 

And as you can see I have a group waiting for me to start dishing out the cubes.

I have to fill 4 buckets up, but I can only carry two at a time into the barn. 

That white spot is her tongue 

As you can tell it wouldn't make sense to fill up all 4 at once because the other two might not be full when I get back

They love their cubes. They are wanting to get cubes. But we do not feed the girls in the "maternity ward" ( that's my name for the pasture with the first time mommies in it) extra feed. We do not want to have problem birthing cause they are overweight. And that is one of my other jobs.... and that is tending to birthing heifers.

 And if you want to train a cow, just used a bucket with cattle cubes in it and they will follow you anywhere.
The rest of the cattle on the place I do not need to tend to other then daily watching, making sure everybody is where they're supposed to be.
The "Man of the Place" is the one who puts out the hay for the cattle.
After that I'll go in and tend to things around the house. 
 Today I'm going to finish my daughters pajama bottoms and then I'm heading towards Stillwater to help my daughter bake cookies. 
Along with everyone else on the road going somewhere for Christmas. If you are traveling too, be safe and have a great time.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting...I enjoy reading about the farm..I take Farm and Ranch Living magazine just to read the Farm Family diaries, although they're not as detailed as they once were....I'm not a stranger to Farms...we've owned cattle, horses and Chickens at one time or another....I said your last post was interesting, I know that salting down fresh pork is how our families used to cure meat...they always killed hogs when it was cool and would hang the meat in the smoke house...mother would go out and cut off a piece for breakfasts...yum! I just had not seen anyone do it in this day and time like you did.
    Merry Christmas
    Mama Bear

    1. Thank you. Then these picture probably bring back memories.
      The salt pork I'll let you know how it turned out. My dad grew up on a farm here in Oklahoma and talked about his parents doing the same thing. He said it was a lot of work.
      You have a merry Christmas

  2. You certainly are busy, I am amazed you have time for all your beautiful crafting. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Thank you but I don't work outside the farm so I do have a lot of time to work on things around the house. You have a Merry Christmas

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family Kat. Love the wonderful farm pictures. Thank you for showing.

  5. Have a very Merry Christmas. Hope the drive to Stillwater was trouble free and you got lots of baking done.


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