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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Weekend Before Cristmas

Well here it is just a few days before Christmas and are you ready?
I have a little extra time because my youngest daughter is unable to come home till next Sunday.
And with the rest of my daughters are in California and gifts need to mailed or order before now, so shopping is pretty much done for me.

I was working on one of the gifts for my youngest when I realized I did not purchase enough fabric. On the pattern it gave amounts for the top and bottom but I was only making the bottoms so I tired to guess how much would be needed.

But I guessed wrong. Could of used another yard.
Now I'll need to go get some more tomorrow.

Earlier, I finally got around to doing something with the apple I picked up last month at Apple Hill.
Made a pie and put the rest in the freezer for future pies.

And to my surprise there was another egg. The girls stopped laying when we had the groundhog and raccoon invade their house...that was 3 months ago. I just about gave up on them and was trying to figure out what to do with the little free loaders. 

At least one has redeemed herself, 4 eggs this week.

Lately I have been obsess with YouTube DIY video. Today I watch how to make washi tape and bind a field book. I want to make one because that is where my brain dumping is going and not my bullet journal. 

This evening I'm still quilting on the 30's Samplers. 

Quilting the last big block now and then its on to the border.
Being that it's Sunday I'm linking up over a Kathy's Quilt for her Slow Sundays 

If you haven't seen this yet please watch. The grandsons made me play it over and over with them laughing every time.


  1. Such a shame about the fabric. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  2. Such a wonderful video... thanks for sharing it!
    Love to see the quilt that is in your hoop... enjoy!

  3. Perhaps there will be a finished quilt on your blog soon, love the colors and your quilting.

  4. Hope you were able to get another yard so you could finish the pants. I loved the video about Mog. I'll have to share with Drama Teen, she'll love it. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  5. I do always make such stupid mistakes while counting something or guessing. My friend from stilusessaywriting.com says that I have no feeling of measuring at all. It's funny but a total true.


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