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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Three more Days

Three more days till Christmas. 
Yesterday I needed to get more of that flannel fabric to finish the PJs and I had bought that fabric in Tulsa. Which meant I needed to go back to Tulsa. I can never just go to Tulsa and come right back home, it seems to always be an all day affair.
So basically all I got done yesterday was a little cleaning and running errands
I also went by whole foods to pick up some nitrate free salt pork. But they didn't have any at the time. So the butcher suggested just buy some pork belly and use that. Which salt pork is, just salt cured pork belly. But I thought I would try making my own.
They were so nice at Whole Foods, for not having what I wanted they gave me a pound of pork belly for free.

Went home and looked it up on Google. 

Very simple as can be, has only 2 ingredients 

You mix the non iodine salt and some brown sugar together and coated the pork liberally. 

Then place it in a glass dish, cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator
It said to do this for two weeks. One recipe suggested after couple days to take it out, drain off any liquid, then turn it over and salt the other side and put it back in there in the refrigerator

Also while in Tulsa bought a few more Christmas presents.

 I did go by Michael's and they had some card stock on sell for $ $.49 purchased four sheets, enough to make four notebooks. Also bought a tablet of paper at Walmart for a 1.88. So for A total of less than
 $4.00  I can get four notebooks, which they go for 3 for around $10

Field notebooks are easy to make and would make a great gift to a child or somebody who has a Midori travelers notebook. 
I'm using 10 sheets of paper along with the card stock which will be the cover. 
This booklet will fit in the back pocket of the new journal

I'm going to use the sewing method. 
So what you do is you lay out your paper with the cover. 
I went ahead and creased mine so why would he have a registration mark to punch the holes.

I don't have an awl, so I'm using this ice pick to poke my holes and I'm spacing them an inch apart
It's recommended that you use waxed string. Which I do not have any and at the moment don't want to bother waxing up some of my embroidery floss or heavy string I might have. So I'm just going to use dental floss's.

You do what they call a saddle stitch. If you want see a demonstration of it. I'm putting a link here to a YouTube video that I had watched.
With it stitched up now I'm just gonna folded it back into a book shape. 

Put some binding clips on and trim up the edges with my rotary cutter.
I need to trim off about an inch of the length so it would fit perfectly into my journal folding file in the back
When's trim I'm just going to put a stack of books on top of it to weight down so it lays flatter. 

And there you go I travelers notebook insert.

If you want to see demo, here is another link to a DIYvideo on YouTube.


  1. Very cool notebook. You make it look easy.
    How long does it take you to get to Tulsa? It's about an hour for us, so like you we tend to stick around a bit if we make the trip. We went Monday and it was a zoo!


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