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Friday, December 18, 2015

Five on Friday

My five will all start with the letter F

1. Fish chowder. When I was at my daughters this past year she made this dish hoping that "the little dudes" would like it. Now Grammy loved it but the boys they didn't care for it too much. I thought it was mighty tasty so I got a copy of the recipe and I have made it a couple times since I've been home.

2.  Fresh carrots. Now I needed some carrots to go in the chowder and I went out to the garden because I still have a 6 foot patch of carrots in the ground. 

The really neat thing about these carrots is I did not sow the seeds myself. I had let a couple carrots from last year go to seed over the summer and this bed self seeded itself. Have to say it's been the best crop of carrots I've had in... I don't  know how long.

3. Flannel pajamas. Since my girls don't read my blog very often I don't have to worry about them finding out about getting flannel pajamas for Christmas. But I'm going to make her a pair of pink polkadot flannel pajama bottoms. She loves pink

4. Finished circles. I have finished some more circles for that Quilty 365 over at Quilty Folks 

All of these are done in the Christmas theme and I believe this might be enough in count to get me to Christmas Eve. But I think I might need to double check that total and get back with you on that one.

5. Fresh start. Now this will be kind of a teaser, because I'm not going to say too much about it. I would like to do a full post on this subject.
But what I do want to share is I received in the mail my new notebook journal. I keep my list and such in a composition book right now, which works. But I would like to experiment with this book I've  seen so many use in YouTube videos. Others are saying how much they love this notebook. Like I said I will share more before the end of the year to show you how I'm going to set up my new year journal.

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  1. I don't think I realized you were doing the circles too = they are kind of neat and fun to do aren't they. i love fish chowder but haven't made it in years - we used to eat it as a child in Wisconsin - but when I made it for hubby - well he hated it, I think it made it a couple times when the girls were small to see if they liked it but they didn't either - I need to make it some time just for me - our version though was more like potato soup - it had chunks of potato, onion and cod I think and a milky/cream base.

  2. Your fish chowder looks delicious. We only have carrots left in our little veg garden, we are saving them for over Christmas. We do have a few goodies left that I have either frozen or preserved to enjoy too. Love the fabric you have chosen for your daughters PJs.

  3. Fantastic fun five! The chowder sounds delicious and I am sure that the PJ's will be very cosy indeed! Thank you for joining Five On Friday and making it a great thing this year. I so appreciate it! Happy Christmas! See you again in 2016! xx

  4. You have a fun list of five for this week. I really like how your 365 project is coming along.

  5. Letting your carrots go to seed and re-plant is wonderful! Love your sewing projects too.

  6. Your fish chowder looks delicious and fancy still having carrots in the garden - amazing! I bet your daughter will be delighted with those pj's. Happy Christmas to you and yours xxx


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