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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funky Girl

I have gone five days without posting again. Seems like this year I have been in a bad funk
I hate it, I rather be consistent and have a set schedule to follow. 
But it seems like this year no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get into a rhythm. 
 I have to admit part of the reason is the past five days I had been working outside very hard, and by the time I was be done, I would be too tired to think or move.

Three of those five days I spent weeding and cleaning out some beds in the garden and mowing gathering and dumping tubs of clippings, 45 all together. 

Very little sewing went on. 

I did knit a pair of slippers for my sister which I will give her for Christmas

And what little sewing I did, was when it rained Sunday.
Started the snowman wall hanging.

And cut out some circles for Quilty 365.

Yesterday I wasn't able to get any sewing in because I had an eye appointment early in the morning and spent the rest of the day in Tulsa

Good news is my eye pressure is outstanding for someone who has   glaucoma. And the bonus is the cataracts have now gotten to a point (which happen to me very fast) where they can be removed and I can get corrective lens put into my eyes.
So excited because by February I will be wearing no glasses anymore.
The doc said I will be seeing  like I did when I was young.


  1. For someone with cataracts (and a farm) you sure get a lot done, and sewing and knitting, too! I like your blog whenever it comes.

  2. Great news about your eyes! That is a massive amount of gardening to have done, no wonder you didn't have time to blog. I should think you were exhausted. Enjoy a rest! xx

  3. I am thrilled to hear about your eyes, hope all goes well. That certainly is a lot of gardening, no wonder you are so tired. Take care.

  4. This entire year has been one of those years for me as well. As soon as I get going I seem to sputter to a stop I just don't know what's up with me these days. I'm on the go every minute but not a lot is very satisfying. I'm waiting for cataract "ripening" as well so I'm happy for you! I'm sure the improvement in your sight will be awesome. Here's to the new year and new motivation. By the way you certainly do get a lot done in my estimation.

  5. This time of year it's just hard to be consistent. Hopefully things will settle down at some point.


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