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Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday

I have something that happened this week that I would like to share and link it to Five on Friday at Amy's love made my home. 
Now the first two are both very exciting and I don't know which one to pick, so what I'll do is pick the one that took the longest for it to happen.

And that is I finally finished hand quilting and have the binding on my 30 Sampler. I started the sampler in 2010 and started quilting on it the next year 2011 and for the last five years off and on I've been plugging away. But now I can check it off the list.
Plus you know it completed when the cat's claim it first.

The other biggie for the week is after couple months of the chickens have barely giving me an egg a week, I went out there to check the nesting boxes seeing how it's been a couple days since the last time, I found five eggs. I guess the girls could read my mind because I have been contemplating getting some new chicks to replace the old girls. I guess they felt threatened and decided they better start putting it out.

Third is the pregnant heifers that I am responsible for in the maternity ward (which is the pasture next to the house) and that's what I call it. We have had four given birth these past couple weeks and this week we had two babies.

Next is it's time to start planning what to plant. So I have been going through my catalogs and I wanted to share my favorite.

It is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds out of Mansfield, Missouri
Their big catalogs reads like a book, so full of information.

Lastly is just that I am so in love with my new spread in my bullet journal. I know I have shared this before but I just can't help myself.


  1. I always enjoy getting the seed catalogs although I just do a small garden and really do not them. My niece's cows and goats are giving birth once after another and she is busy so I can imagine how busy you are now too.
    Good to see your quilt finished I bet!

  2. What a beautiful cozy looking quilt! Congratulations on the finshing ... wow! all hand stitched is an amazing feat! The cats look too cozy to dislodge ;)
    Love the photo of your maternity ward, all cozy with heaps of straw and new babies nestled there. So cute.
    That's a nice day keeper journal ... something I should use in my life to keep things straight in my head. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Well of course they are all wonderful, but oh gosh, I am sure that you know that I am wild for your wonderful quilt!!!!! It is fabulous, so beautiful and so lovely!!! A real treasure for you I am sure, I adore it!!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  4. Finishing that quilt is quite an accomplishment, what patience and perseverance. Well done, a beautiful piece of art.


  5. What a sweet post! I love your quilt and how exciting about the eggs! I hope you can stop by:



  6. Is that rainbow maize on the seed catalogue for real? It looks amazing.
    Your journal looks really useful too. I keep several notebooks and never thought to keep everything in the same book before. Great idea.

  7. Wow, that's an interesting catalog. There's some very cool stuff in it. Congrats on finishing up the 1930's sampler. The cats have definitely blessed it!


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