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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Working Blues

OK that doesn't sounds quite like that, it's the blue Metro Twist.
I finished getting the units sewn and have half of them trimmed.

Was able to get the half that was trimmed sewn together.

I so wanted to get more done this evening but I was interrupted while locking up the chickens.
It was already past sunset by the time I got out to the hen house, I didn't want to stop working on trimming.

Anyway I went out there and notice that most of the girls were on the roost and not in the nesting boxes but it is unusually warm, like a spring day.
There were 5 on roost I thought, so I looked in the boxes to start counting the others. Figured I check for eggs while I was looking.
First one I put my hand in I got a gravel sound, disturb one. Went on to the other boxes and found two more eggs. The girls are starting to lay a decent amount now. Then it dawn on me that I only counted one box occuppied. Well sometimes they will double up in the box. Looked in, it is dark now, no light in the hen house so I couldn't tell if it was one or two, so I stuck my hand in again towards the middle to see if there were two. That is when I got a growl this time, at the same time I felt fur. Talk about a shock and I jumped back, impressively quick I say for a fifty something woman.

If it's not a possum instead of a chicken.
I am so lucky that I did not get bitten, look at those teeth.
Well went back to the house to get a light and the 22. Now you have to realize once they find eggs, they will be back. I had to make sure that doesn't happen if it was still there when I got back.
All I say is that it will not be back.
Now I just hope this doesn't put the girls back into the dry spell like they were in after the groundhogs last september and the buzzard around Thanksgiving. They didn't lay eggs for a couple months after that. I'll know in a day or two  

It is suppose to be close to 80 tomorrow, unreal.

Want to finish putting these blocks together.
Will see. 



  1. Omg what was it..... I shot a couple of foxes recently... The got a guinea fowl.....

  2. Oh, how un-fun. Hopefully the girls will let this one go without getting fussy over it. Glad you weren't injured at initial contact.

  3. That could have soo been me! I run out in the dusk so often to put the girls away often without a flashlight. Reminds me to be more careful and better prepared. I always call the dogs to go with me cuz I'm scared of bears but I sure don't want to run into possums or skunks or raccoons or bobcats or mountain lions or???

  4. I adore your metro twist in blue! BEAUTIFUL!

    eeekkkk that critter looks scary!

  5. Pretty pattern, love the round edges and the blues.

  6. I miss my chickens ... we cannot have them in our new locale :-(

    Yes, you were very lucky you did not get bitten - possums are nasty, vicious creatures, who will attack at the slightest provocation. And they are ugly too. ~Val


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