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Monday, February 8, 2016

What's Up 02.08.16

I'm tired from not
 just having one project up on the design wall but a rotation of projects.
Started out this morning with this month's RSC. 

I went straight to changing out the walking foot I had on the machine for attaching the binding to the 30's Sampler. Which by the way I am halfway done sewing it down. 

After changing the foot I sewn on the rest of the border, now it completed and ready to sandwich.

After that I started putting up last years RSC's  I had 5 different quilts patterns, so started to see what was needed to finish them.

The nine patch is ready so went ahead and put it together. Now this one too is ready to quilt.

The curvy log cabin has plenty of blocks, just need to put it up on the wall in the layout I want, which I'm not sure yet.

Spool blocks I think there are enough, now just need to decide if I will lay them side by side, have a sashing or alternate block to separate the spools. Guess it depends on how big and what to do with this one.
All of these quilts will be given away somehow, 
and would like them to be useful.

didn't relies it was blurred, had already took down by the time I edited....Sorry

The stacked bricks (my name for it) needs a few more blocks and I hadn't done all the colors yet so that is what I'll do, make a few more.

The large 30's print blocks I had to lay on the floor because of their size. Now to make this a useful bed quilt I need to make 7 more block. Now that is more than the 11 colors we had last year. Just double up on some of the colors which will turn out very nice.

It was a lot that went up and down on the wall today but gave me a good idea of the UFO's needing to get completed.
I'm all for getting projects done. 
Which includes last month's RSC. 

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  1. Awesome rainbow blocks! I think the stacked bricks are my favorite.

  2. You have so much scrappy goodness going on! I love the curved log cabins. You go girl!

  3. Oh I love all your rainbow quilts! So cheerful on a gloomy winter day!

  4. I think I just fell in love with your nine patch! All of your of projects are gorgeous, though! You have so many great ideas for scrap quilting.

  5. It feels good to make desicions and move projects forward! And they're all looking fab :)

  6. You have lots of great things to work on! xx

  7. So many lovely quilts you are going to get finished!

  8. Wow! Lots of goodness rotating through. :) I have so many things needing attention, but I really need to take my machine in for servicing before it starts pitching fits.

  9. Lovely quilts you are working on!

  10. Thanks for your participation this week at the Show and Tell Monday !! Hug Bambi

  11. You have a lot of lovely projects in the works! Thanks for sharing them on MCM, and have a wonderful week in your sewing room! :)

  12. Wow, that's a lot of projects in progress. They're all fantastic looking. I'll look forward to seeing them completed this year.

  13. Lots of colorful projects in the works. You'll have some finishes in no time.


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