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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New To Me

This morning after I had done a few things I usually get online and go to my Blogger site to check my stats and comments etc.
Noticing that I had a lot of comments that I had not responded back to, figure that would be the next thing I was going to do and cleanup my emails.
But I got sidetracked by going to a few of the blogs I follow and I don't know if you do this but I'll go to one blog that will have a link or subjects that interests me and will go to that, and before you know it I'm off somewhere.
Well that is what happened this morning, it led me to a website which I had never heard of before and that was quiltalong.net.
Now you might of been there already, seeing how I figure you all are savvy bloggers. I read it's been around for a year.

I far as I can tell there is no membership or fees required to view the quiltalong or the link parties. You can sign up for a newsletter that I understand gives you updates on new ones being posted. I think it's a pretty cool site as far as I can tell and so I'm going to go ahead and put their button on my side bar there so if you need it in the future it will be located there


  1. I poke about blogs like that too! I have also just been on twitter poking around in a similar way! Good fun isn't it and it leads you to all kinds of places! xx

  2. I think the old word for finding yourself a bit far from where you started was "surfing" the internet. I keep a pinterest board of all the quilt alongs I locate, and just for 2016 so far I've got over 60 pins. The link is not far down the right column on my blog. You may find some there that aren't listed at quiltalong dot net.

  3. I've heard it termed, "jumping down the rabbit hole". But sometimes you find some real treasures that way.


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