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Monday, February 22, 2016

What's Up 02.22.16

Boy what a difference a day makes. This past week morning temperatures in the 60s daytime 70. When going out this morning and it's like barely 40, sunny and hardly any wind. So nice for a walk.

I have to say the only thing up on my design wall this morning is maybe the back to the "Disappearing Hourglass 2" top. Haven't decided if I want to take the time to piece it together or just save them for scrap. I'm all for just saving them for scrap I'm not one that really likes to piece backs together. I've done it, but I have so much fabric that I can just go ahead and just take what I have to use it for backing.
Other than that what I did this weekend with mainly just prep work on some projects I have started already.

 I put the printed Transfer Eeze of the cross stitch border for the Scandinavian Christmas on the last block of this wall hanging.

I find it so much easier instead of tracing to just go ahead and print on Transfer Eeze. 

I've started prepping some more I spy fabric to make those Quilty 365 circles. And I plan on working on some more this afternoon when I get back from Tulsa. I need to get some more feasible lightweight interfacing for my circles so I can get some more completed. Before you know it the end of the month will be here and it'll be time to post what we've done for the month in our circles. I didn't get around to doing last month it just got away for me somehow.

I also did some quilting over the weekend on my Rocky Road quilt.  

I had the template for the center of the block but I looked all over and could not find it anywhere. So I guess I'm just going to have to make a new one. That's what happens when you take so much time away from a project. I seem to move or lose material, patterns or in like this case a stencil. 
I didn't get a chance to post yesterday so I wanted to share what I had been working on over the weekend besides prep work. Like I said I did some quilting, 

I also worked on snowman blocks I'm embroidery, 

and some crocheting.
One of my goals is to use some of the scap yarn I have to make items for donating to the church.

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  1. I like the backing that you have pieced on your design wall, it looks very nice but you are right, it is easier to get a piece of fabric that is big enough in the first place. Your I spy circles are going to be wonderful.

  2. I love the embroidery work on the snowman!

  3. Gosh I don't know how you get so much done! It is all, of course!, beautiful! xx

  4. Love that piecing for the back (totally get you, though). Did you end up sewing it together, or going with a one-piece? Wow - that transfer ease is definitely the way to go for cross-stitch in particular. I could never trace all the x's well enough to look super nice. :)


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