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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Seeing Purple

Well this months color is PURPLE over at Soscrappy
I'm not a big purple person but I do have some. Also have some leftover blocks from a quilt I made my oldest daughter a few years back.

This quilt was completed in 2012 and given to my daughter. 
It was an easy block to piece just took a little while due to so many blocks. Her quilt was larger that the pattern specs.

I believe I gave the pattern away after I was done.

I have 12 blocks leftover so maybe with some sashing and border it can become this months baby quilt.

Need to look now in my stash for some more purple

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  1. the quilt you made your daughter is gorgeous and I am sure the baby quilt will be just as darling. beautiful color!!

  2. Making a baby quilt out of the PURPLE leftovers from your daughter's quilt is a GREAT idea!! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. How nice to find those special blocks to use for another special quilt AND in purple. You are off to a good start.

  4. Impressive quilt for your daughter, stunning colour. Looking forward to seeing how you create the baby quilt.

  5. How great to use the spare blocks like this! The quilt you made for your daughter is gorgeous and I am sure that the baby one will be too! xx

  6. What a great project for this month's scrap challenge.


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