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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn Along

I have finished a couple projects since the last time I wrote about what I had been working on.

I was able to finally and I mean finally finish, a pair of socks that I had started over 3 years ago. I remember working on them while flying to California.

Now I have to decide who will be the recipient. 

I also started and finished a scarf with some yarn that I had in my stash. 

Effin Scarf

Found this pattern that I thought was so cute and before using some expensive yarn, made it with the stash yarn. 

Turned out just as cute as the picture and that doesn't happen all the time for me.  

It was very fast and easy, a no brainer.
Going to start another using this yarn here.

I was also able to listen to a couple of books too. 

The first was

Product Details

It was a fun spooky little book. Not too gory. 
It was one I found out about on another blog here on Ginny's link up a while back. Thanks to all the others who link up I have read some good books and found a project or two, beside being inspired.

The second book was another in a series of Alafair Tucker Mysteries, # 7

Product Details 
I love her books probably because they are written about a real place not far from where I live in Oklahoma. And she brings so much of life here to the page I can relate to.
Oh ya and its a mystery. 
I like a good mystery.
This book was a little different then her others I thought because the murder would be very soon in the book where as this one she waited till about a third in.
Still enjoyed it.

The recent finished was

Product Details

Loved it.
A challenge at times to keep straight the timeline because he would jump from the beginning of WWII to near the end and in between.
There were two main characters and would jump with both.
here is the write up from Goodreads

From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.

It goes on to tell more and I would recommend you check it out.

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things

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  1. Nice knitting, love the socks and the scarf.

  2. That is such a pretty scarf! Beautiful
    Tania -HedgerowHarvest-

  3. You have been on a great roll of finishing! I really like the socks and I am sure that the new owner will too! xx

  4. Congratulations on finishing the socks. I have a whole closet filled with WIPs. I get excited and start something, then a birthday or something else comes up and off again with a different project! Thanks for the book recommendations. I haven't read Donis Casey and I love mysteries.


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