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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Scrappy Saturaday

I wanted to share this this morning before I go out and help 
"The Man of The Place" put out hay.   

It's the first time to show what been done for this months RSC baby quilt. It's been a slow process this time, which is odd since it started out with orphan blocks.

Had some of the fabric left over that I used with the blocks to make my daughter's quilt. I have written about earlier here and here

I have the sashing in mostly now and the next step is I would like another border around.

Deciding what I have in scraps that can be used is where I'm at now.

Seeing how it's suppose to be for a baby I would like to lighten it up some. Right now it's on the deep purple side and doesn't really read baby to me. 

If it wasn't going for a child I would definitely use the darkers. 
What's your thoughts?

It will be a while before I get back in the house to work on it so you have time to weigh in your ideas.
I'm game for anything.

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  1. love your quilt and the blocks and all your purples! nice!

  2. What a fun block pattern. It is turning into a fun quilt.

  3. I don't think it matters these days, a lot of parents prefer the bright colours rather than pastels. I am a fan of the darker shades myself. Have a wonderful Easter.

  4. LOVE the scrappy outside the sashing. I think that would work well. I say use all the PURPLES!!!

  5. Perhaps you might find something fun for the backing. Then it would be reversible with two types. The flimsy has turned out beautifully. Keep up the good work!.

  6. What pretty colors. My border favorites are the purple square in the upper right hand corner, and the raspberry strip just below that. Though dark, they feel cheerful to me and I think they go with the blocks and sashing.

  7. I am told that purple and grey are one of the On Trend colour combinations for baby quilts.

  8. I think darker is still okay. I put dark in many of my baby quilts since stains wash out better!

  9. Love all your purples. I use dark, deep colors for baby quilts more often than lights. I haven't had anyone turn one down yet. Lol.

  10. Very pretty purples. I'm way behind on blogs, finally getting caught up a bit.


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