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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cat Play Box


I had never seen this before and was post by someone on facebook and thought this was a cheap, fast and easy idea for the cats. 

And here I am knitting a cat cocoon which is pretty much the same idea. I have to say that the T-Shirt cube is way so fast. 

Maybe the cats will like the cocoon better, won't know till I finally finish it.

So here is what you need;
1 large T-Shirt (easier with a large one)
A box the size of a milkcrate or little bigger (not too big that your shirt won't stretch around)
That's it!!!

You'll stretch the shirt around the opening of the box, 

making sure the neck opening is centered in the opening of the box.

Next is to tie the best you can in the back of box the T-Shirt. If your box is bigger and if you can not get enough to tie, I pinned with a big safety pin the extra shirt closed.

Then the sleeves are tuck back into the armhole like so.

Now That's it
Just so simple.

Now I guess my cats are getting too old or lazy to play it like I feel a younger cat or kitten would.

Here is a Youtube video  showing the way.
Not by me tho, it's the one I watched.


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