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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Make a Yoga Bag

For my birthday this year I decided to give myself a gift and it was to take yoga classes from a professionally trained instructor.
Never have and have for decades follow a video or lately an app that is really good. But sometimes I feel I'm not doing the poses right. 

Well there no classes near me so I've ended up going to Tulsa to The Inner Peace Studio. They are very nice, knowledgable and patient.
I have a mat, blocks and a belt which I've stored them in a pillow case.

That was ok for home but after taking my pillow case with me, it's not really the best way to take my stuff with me.

So after a google search, came across lots of bags like this

but they only held your mat and I needed something that would also hold the blocks and belt too.

This was what I needed, right here is a link to the pattern

So here is mine.

I had found some deco fabric for the exterior and then quilt fabric for the lining.

The directions are pretty clear with good pictures. 
It took just a couple hours from start to finish.

Start by cutting both the exterior and interior (lining) fabric 33 x 14
need two from each fabric.

Using a 2" wide canvas webbing, two 52 long and sew on to the exterior like so.

Attach the loop for the button
Sew the 2 pieces together leave the top open on the exterior and the same on the lining.
And then put the exterior and lining together 

turn inside out and topstitch the edge of the opening.


Now I'm really for class tomorrow and will be able to carry my stuff in a easy, comfortable way.

Beside it very pretty too.

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  1. I've done yoga for 22 years starting out in classes when I was pregnant and for the last 5 years I've practised purely at home. It's a great idea to have an instructor oversee how you work - I discovered early on that I could move into poses very easily, which made me the envy of the class, but was actually due to me being hypermobile and can be an issue as you don't know when you're going too far with a pose. I hope you enjoy your classes and developing your own practice. Your bag is fabulous, I love the fabrics you've chosen too and now I want one! Thanks so much for linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday today - Chris (guest host) @madebyChrissieD :D

  2. It is something that I have never done, but I loved the bag.

  3. Dear Kat,
    looks so pretty, what a great way to carry the big mat and have space for blocks and fabrics.

  4. enjoy your class!! I used to take a yoga stretch class that I so enjoy but when I developed hip problems for awhile I quite the class, in the meantime the instructor moved on and when I went back I couldn't get used to the new instructor - her voice was not smooth and calming like the previous person and I just couldn't relax with her - I should try a new class sometime and get back to it, it has been awhile and that person is no longer at the center.

  5. I love this--my stuff is in an old tote bag!

  6. That's an excellent bag for all your tools. I love your fabric choices.

  7. Thanks for doing the research and sharing the link. I've been wanting to make one. Yours is really neat!


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