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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gardening Woes

I have had an issue with getting my bum out to the garden and getting busy at planting. The weather has been so nice that I have no excuse other than lack of motivation

Well I can say that for the past two days my potatoes planted 25th hills.

Planted cauliflower (12 plants), Broccoli (six plants), red cabbage (six plants), green cabbage (six plants), 

and six plants of collard greens

 I didn't get the plants planted in the proper time of the moon phase.
I procrastinated last week, all my fault. Then later this week I'm going to be in Dallas at the quilt show. So my timing was either do it now or delay it for another week and that would just stress out the little plants

Cajonquilter had made a comment the last time I posted about planting by the moon and I had shown a calendar, here is the website that I have found that calendar.
There are also two other website you can go to which is the farmers almanac here, and this one

I'm still picking carrots that had voluntarily came up last fall. And looks like I'll have quite a bit more all through spring 

I've neglected my spinach plants though, I really need to weed them badly they're in there and need some tender care.
Still needing to plant are, the onions, and the rest of my root crops. Then I also need to get in some lettuce. Plus start my seeds inside for the summer crop.


  1. Glad you got to your gardening, the weather has certainly been good for it. Now with the rain things should grow well (if they didn't get washed away).

  2. Well done on getting all your plants out. The weather has changed again here, from having one of the mildest winters we are now getting some very cold and wintery weather. Consequently we have not managed to get anything done in the garden and we have even delayed starting off our seeds.

  3. Wow, you are doing well! Still too cold and more problematically wet here! I will enjoy your work in the meantime. xx


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