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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What's Up 3.22.16

I've had one of those weeks, I have intended to get so much done and just didn't happen. So I had nothing to write about. 
It's a new week and been able to get a little done.

Up on the wall is a little progress on the Scandinavian Christmas. 

All 4 blocks completed and sew. Added the inter border and now working on the prepping the applique blocks. 

There are 23 heart blocks. 

Doing the method of using freezer paper templates and with stray starch and a brush, moisten the edge and press it back onto the templates.

Then tack it done onto the background with a little glue and it's ready to stitch.

Also on the wall is a baby quilt I did last year. Going to add a border, want it to be a little bigger.
Then it's going to get sandwiched to be machine quilted. Need to get in some more practice in. So far I only have 4.5 hours in and nowhere near my goal. But little by little I'll get there

The background for the "Words to Live By" is patiently waiting to get worked on. 

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  1. love that Christmas quilt - have I seen that pattern someplace I wonder - it looks familiar.

  2. Lovely work on all your projects, I LOVE the hearts!!

  3. I am always so impressed with your projects the Christmas quilt is a real delight. Impressive hearts.

  4. Gosh you seem to have got loads done! Love the hearts and your Christmas quilt is looking really good isn't it! xx


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