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Friday, May 11, 2018

Chain Piecing

Today I was in a brainless mode.
Just didn't want to do anything today that meant I have to think or figure out.

It didn't matter what, example is for gardening it was just some weeding, don't have to think. I just went through the motion and daydreamed.

So I worked on the leader and ender project.

I had started this over a year ago, I had seen a picture on Pintrest and look furiously for the pattern, I wanted to make it.
The only pattern per say was for a small block

Similar to what I've done here

Needed Update:
Roxanne left a comment saying she had found the pattern, located at Temecula Quilt Company  This is a link to theirs.

I wish I had found it before I started, would helped.
I must of seen another or didn't quite remember it right.
because my version is slightly different.

I tried to find it again to give a link but just now couldn't locate it. I usually pin the info on my quilt board but I didn't 
I think it was a pillow pattern I saw.
but the picture I saw was a quilt the first time.
Anyway on to brainless sewing.

I chain piece around a hundred nine patches

I had up to today these completed 

Once I was done doing brainless sewing it was on to mindless pressing.
Did I tell you about my cordless iron I purchase last year. I love it.
Its made by Panasonic 

Whats next is to do the trimming

The squares in up being 1"

Okay this is too much thinking...........

Image result for brain hurting cartoon


  1. I loved the quilting you settled on for your Rocky RoAd quilt. This is looking great too and what a fun and pretty way to use up scraps.

    1. thank you, and using the sulky thread is sure making a difference.

  2. Bring mindless and not having to think is great at times......

  3. so many do not pin quilt patterns or photos to pinterest properly with a link back to where they found it. It is a pity really as if we see a pattern we like a lot of us end up drawing it up ourselves and the original never gets the credit or we end up getting a nasty comment from someone saying we stole their pattern.

    1. I know what you mean, I realize how hard it is for designers to make a living from designing. If anyone does know where this pattern came from I will gladly give credit where credit is due.

  4. That's a lot of auto-pilot stitching! Sometimes you just need that meditative project work.

  5. that is a lotta nine patches! ;000
    this will be very pretty--I like the setting a lot hugs, Julierose

  6. It is a lot of nine patches, with myself trying to make a bigger quilt I'm not sure how many, I think I figured around 1,100

  7. The joy of a cordless iron, so much easier for craft projects.

  8. I think that is a free pattern from TemeculaQuiltCo.com
    I’ve been wanting to make one too!

    1. Thank you, I put a link to what you sent. Wish I had found it before I started. Maybe this will help others


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