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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the Mothers out there had a good day
My day was, very relaxing.
Stayed home and spent a few hours in the sewing room.

Decided yesterday what pattern I wanted to do for this month RSC, color is pink so went and found some.

 I wanted something easy but baby appropriate.

Always like the Gingham patterns I've seen out there.
Simply enough, just 5" squares

 Put them up on the wall to get the pattern straight and in just little over an hour I'm done with the top.

 Love it.

Some of today was finishing adding the hexes to the Winterse Hejxes mystery.

 Now I need to figure out the next colors to use.

Yesterday I did get a little more done on with nine patches.

Started making all of these, need 30 blocks

Hard to believe that there are 81 -1" squares in this block

Just plugging along

Do hope you had a good day.

till later

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