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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Dance

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After 22 years, my Long and Rocky Road is completely quilted
Last night I put the last stitch in.

Started yesterday morning quilting on the last side of the border

I had started this quilt back in 1996, 
wow in the last century.....
It's been a love hate relationship. I love the look and the fabric used because it is from items I made for my girls and myself. A lot of memories.
But I hated the fact that it has taken so long to finish. I would work on it and for longer periods of time put it away.
That is why I'll call it my Long and Rocky Road  

Today it's time to attach the binding and once that is done I'll wash it. Heaven knows after all these years of toting around how dirty it is.

Now I need to see which quilts are waiting to be quilted. I haven't taken time to think about what next seeing how this one was so time consuming. Wish I had kept track of the time spent making this quilt. Bet there are over a 100 hours.  

I wanted to share for the first time that the Paw Paw tree I planted 12 years ago is bearing fruit. Normally it shouldn't take so long and I'm not sure why.

I am so excited, I had given up on having fruit, thinking I need another tree to fertilize the blossoms. 
I have never eaten one before and looking forward to tasting one. I hear they are very tasty.

The Elderberries are blooming too

Going to have to do a better job keeping the deer from eating them this year, lost them all last year.


The first tomatoes are growing, so looking forward to fresh, homegrown tomatoes.  Nothing like it.

I'm off to go do a little dance


  1. What a beautiful finish ; congratulations! :)

  2. Congrats on the finish! Looking forward to seeing it all bound and freshly washed. Where is this one going? On one of your beds?


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