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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Where did a week go

It's amazing sometimes how quickly time fly's by.

Last Thursday I said I had to be in Tulsa with Mom and it was an all day event like I predicted. Her check up was fine and looks like she is ok to have surgery in a couple weeks.

Friday was the start of some very pretty days here. Now that I'm in the master gardeners group I was able to participate in my first event as a member. 

For arbor day we went to 3 elementary schools and had trees for the kids to help plant. 

Planted American Elm trees. This is the same specie of tree that is the Survivor Tree in Oklahoma City that was at the site on the bombing of the Murrah Building. That was in 1995, one year after I moved to Oklahoma.

The rest of the day was getting tomato plants and some herbs.

Saturday was such a pretty day, spent all day outside. Had to get the back porch cleaned off to bring out the plants that have been in the house and garage.
Need to get pictures but the ones that were in the house fared better than the ones in the garage.

Sunday was a little cooler in the morning than Saturday but was still wonderful be out sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and "the man of the Place" for company. Was a very nice relaxing day. I started quilting the border of the Blue Rocky Road. Went with the suggestion of using the pearl cotton thread.

I've used pearl cotton before some time back but after doing this much my carpal tunnel was killing me. The thickness of thread and bigger needle made it difficult to pull the needle and thread through. That pulling is what aggravated it.
It had bothered me for the next 3 days. Today is the first day I can do everyday stuff without numbness or pain.
So now I don't believe I can continue with this, I going to try quilting thread in white. Maybe in a day or two, give myself a little more time to recoup.   

It has stopped me from doing much handwork. 
Did do a little crocheting over the past few days but that even bother me. Only had 5 more inches to go to finish the scrap blanket.

This was from last week and again I need to get pics. I want to get this posted and being night time the lighting is not good.
I'll do that tomorrow.

Monday I notice a Baltimore Oriole at the hummingbird feeder, which meant I needed to get their feeder out.

  In the past years I would get one or two and they would stay for a day or two but this year there are at least 3 males and 2 females. That's the most ever and they have been here all week. Only thing different is I've been adding mandarins. They love them,  2 to 3 a day. According to my bird book we are at the southern end of their range. It will be interesting to see how long they stay. They are also eating from the other feeders too which is new too.

  Since I hadn't been able to do much handwork I did get a little sewing time in  Remember I said I was going to keep the Vintage Garden up on the design wall till I had gotten it finished, well I temporally took it down so I could see how to place the blocks for the Kith and Kin

I was hoping to have this top finished a few days ago but between the gardening and some spring cleaning I was able to get this much done.

I'll take pictures tomorrow and show what I was talking about.
Today we received 2 1/2 inches of rain and no severe weather here, and it's May in Oklahoma, tornado alley. I will take this peaceful weather.

Till tomorrow.


  1. Sorry to hear about the pain in your wrist/hand hope you feel better soon. Good news that your um is well enough for the surgery, hope all goes well. So many beautiful projects, a feast for the eyes.

  2. Beterschap, zo veel mooi quiltwerk
    Even laten rusten zal toch het beste zijn.
    Fijn weekeinde.
    Groetnis Annie

  3. sorry you have carpal tunnel - I really am surprised that I do not have that. Are you going to have surgery for it? hope it doesn't get worse the quilting is looking great.

  4. Farming is great.... Love it just not much time ..... But I do have some lovely trees and lawn...... Even if it is a battle to keep things alive in this dry time....... Nice rain for you and I hope there are no tornados.... Love having birds in my garden too.......
    Goodluck with the hand stitching..... Do you use a thimble to push the needles? Would that help?

  5. Sorry about the carpel tunnel flare up. Hopefully you are feeling much better and are able to get back to the hand work soon. All of your projects are looking great. Enjoy the pretty weather, as you say it's May in Oklahoma. The pretty won't last long.

  6. Some needles are easier to use for big stitch quilting. Have you tried sashiko needles from Japan? Some local quilting stores carry them . They come wrapped in a paper box.


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