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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's a Go

I believe I have an answer to how to go about getting the look I want on the border to the Rocky Road.

Remember I asked about what you all thought about color and thickness of thread, and from your answers I went with the white pearl cotton.

Loved the look but it was just to hard on my wrist, but wanted to have that look without the pain.

So I tried using the quilting thread doubled, it was a piece a cake to stitch but thought it was not quite heavy enough.

Then I had an idea about trying sulky 12 wt thread. I use this thread for embroidery work

It's thicker than quilting thread but not as thick as pearl cotton.
Threaded through my quilting needles....great
decided I would also double it,
it worked.

Can you tell which stitches are which?

Most is pearl cotton but there is the quilting thread and sulky.

Hope this is self explainable.

Where the light blue are pearl cotton...the look I like

Between the yellow lines is the quilting thread...not thick enough

And between the pink is the sulky thread....very close to the look of the pearl cotton...

Now can you see the difference.

Can quilt with the Sulky and no pain..... Yippee

So it's a go!!!!!!


  1. I have used 12 weight also and find it easy to quilt than the Perle cotton which I found much harder on my hands and wrist.

  2. Oh this is gorgeous--I love the look of the 12 wt sulky thread--just like sashiko...I'll have to try it--as I have trouble with using pearl cotton too...
    thanks for the tip hugs, Julierose

  3. Great information, thank you. I’m saving this so I can try it. Hugs,

  4. Congrats on finding a workable solution. The quilting looks perfect.


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