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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Having Fun

I am having too much fun playing in dirt.
I was thinking yesterday while planting and weeding that it has been since 2011 since I have stayed home the entire month of May.
The Grandsons were born in 2012 on the 17th so I had been there in Clalifornia every year for the first 4 years for their birthdays.
Last year and this year I'll miss, last year I was in Houston Tx, M.D. Anderson and this year Mom is having surgery.
Because of that I home and really taking advantage of this.
My yard and gardens have taken a lot of neglect and are in need of a lot of care.

Was able to get a few of the tomatoes potted up and cleaning up the front flower bed. 

Nothing much to look at now, have Purple Cone flowers and 
4 o'clocks in that bed.

Looky ...... blossoms 
on the tomatoes and Paw Paw tree

Enough of gardening for the monent

Look how far I made it yesterday morning on the border

poor picture but made it halfway on one side (long side) while watching the morning news.

This should move quickly, today I have to do other tasks because I need to take my parents to the hospital so my mom can have a stress test., make sure shes up to surgery.

Also finished the Kith ans Kin top

Made all from scraps and stash..... LOVE THAT
Just wish you could see a dent in my stash.

Need to get ready to go,
till later


  1. I hate attaching the binding but I love sewing it down......

  2. I managed to get some plants potted up today, we haven't bothered with tomatoes this year. Hope all goes well with your Mum.

  3. Lots going on at your house. Hope your Mother's stress test went well. Love the quilting in the border. Kith ans Kin turned out beautifully too.


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