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Sunday, May 20, 2018


It's been a long week, so glad all went well.
I was in Tulsa Tuesday thru Friday with Mom and surgery and recovering is all going well.
Being gone to Doctors and Hospital I took handwork with me.

Was able to get some of the Hexes for Winterse Hejxes Mystery

 Working on weeks 6 - 10 now


Along with some embroidery works.

 I had started this quilt Winter Wonderland at least 5 years ago with this being the largest section to stitch. I think I have 4 other sections completed.

These were easy projects to carry with me and do.

And any sewing done at home was on Scrappy Nine Patch

It has taken over my room

Mainly the table area of the quilting machine.

I am making good progress

The bag on the left was 3/4 filled with a section for the nine patch and now I have only a small amount witch I put into a smaller bag.

Unfortunately I did not have enough of the cream color fabric, so before I can start assembling the top I had to order some more. Should be here this week.

Last night I finished appliqueing on a Warm Heart block, 

now all that's needed is 7 red berries. 

This morning for some unknown reason I had the impulse to check my basket with the piecework projects I have started.

Started opening up the project bags and put them up on the wall just to a good look and take a picture for reminders.

I had worked on this for a while until my hand started acting up and then this and all the others I had put on the back burner and forgot about

What's left on this are the green leafs.

This  is my attempt at reverse appliqueing. A friend of mine who has been gone for close to 10 years now gave all us in a group this pattern.

I would like to make this the center of a medallion style quilt

Then there is this beauty, started 2010

Pattern was in a Quiltmania #76. I have all the appliqueing done and have been doing embroidery work 

After opening the bag I notice that the floss was not in the bag so I went looking for it. After a couple hours of looking I still couldn't locate the box with all my embroidery stuff.
Has to be buried in the garage somewhere and I'll keep looking.

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  1. love everything you are working on. It is hard sitting around the hospitals isn't is. Glad the surgery went well and that your mom is doing ok, it has been a long battle hasn't it.

  2. Yes it has, it's been a year now and I know we all have aged during this year.
    Have done a lot during these visits. Thank you for your well wishes and hope this positive outlook lasts for a long while.

  3. You certainly have lovely projects on the go there! I love those hexagons and the Warm heart block especially--but they are all coming together so beautifully...hugs, Julierose

  4. Heel veel mooi werk zie ik hier.
    De Hexen worden ook mooi.
    Beterschap voor u moeder.
    Groetnis Annie

  5. Thrilled the surgery on your Mum went well, wishing her a speedy recovery. Beautiful projects.

  6. Busy busy with lots of lovely projects....... So pleased to hear your mum went well.........

  7. So glad your mother's surgery went well, hope she is continuing to improve. You've got some gorgeous hand work projects in the works. Hopefully you can get back to them soon.


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