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Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Up Monday

Howdy all
I always like mornings and Mondays because it like a fresh start to your day and week.
This Monday is starting off different though, "The Man of the Place" has caught a cold and is home sick today which means my day will not run as usual.

There has and will be a lot of this going on today but I will try to get a little sewing in done after I go run so errands this morning. 
(medicine, etc. run)
But this will be up on my wall begging for me to finish when I get back.

The rows are not in exact order but I hope you can get the idea. There is still a large applique center row that I need to get prepared for appliqueing. 
Now if you remember I had up on the wall last week the Sisters in Scripture blocks and no I did not do a thing to that one. Now I know why that one has been in the UFO pile. I just can not get motivated to finish it, I like it and have the first one finish but just find it hard on this one. It will get done.

I still haven't found my American Patchwork and Quilting magazine with this pattern but I know I have it somewhere. 

I tried another color way because I thought I had seen an antique quilt done in this same fashion of yellow background and a black row around each square but I was wrong it was this quilt I had seen.

An Irish Chain (1 inch squares)
I'll make a few more blocks and get them up on the wall and see if I like the way it will look. I really like the looks of the antique one but the lay out and look is different. So will see.
Well I need to get started, talk with you later.


  1. I love your Irish Chain. Absolutely wonderful.


  2. I love what's on your design wall, and the antique look on the Irish chain looks great. I hope that hubby feels better soon.

  3. Your rows are beautiful. I cannot wait to see how it ends up finished. Sorry about the sick man in the house. That is always a lot of work :(

  4. I really hate it when I can't find the magazine where I saw what I wanted to make. I recently had to re-buy a magazine because I really wanted to make a quilt. Of course the old one showed up shortly after I started the quilt. :-)


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