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Friday, February 1, 2013


I had a good month and was able to complete each one of my goals for January. 
Here is what I was able to do

1. The boys quilts (yes two) I was to get them finished, quilted and binding on. They are ready for the "little dudes

2. Easy Street, I still haven't decided if I want a border on it. So as for now I'm calling it done, if I decide it needs a border I'll show a picture. I believe I'll get this one machine quilted. So busy and so many seams I will not even attempt quilting it myself.

3. My Pea Ridge Lily quilt is started like I wanted. There is a glitch thou, the background I was thinking about is out of stock/print so I do need to decide on a new background. But I have the flowers, stems and leaves fabric  picked and and in the cutting stage.

4. Dresden Plate top is finish. I started this over a year and half ago and I'm so pleased with how it looks. This one is now on my list of tops to be hand quilted.

It felt good to be able to cross them off my list. So now it's time to decide February's 4.

1. Sisters in Scriptures - finish putting the top together

2. Christmas String - I have it now as throw size but I want to make it larger

3. 30's Row Quilt - I need to applique a couple of the rows and then sew the rows together, my goal is to have a least one row appliqued.

4. Some Kind of Wonderful - a lot to do still so all I'll say is  I will do as much as I can. If I get it finished I be so pleased and if not completed it will just go on next months goal. 

That's it.
I'm ready


  1. Look at the Dresden Plate top!! So fab!! :D

  2. Love them all! Good job...love the colors in your Easy Street. Woo-Hoo!!!

  3. Love the color choices in your Easy Street quilt! If you do a border - I'd go with the blue. :-)

  4. Hi Kat,
    I love your Dresden Plate top! It's so beautiful and the colours are so pretty.
    Most i love the design of the border.

    Many greetings from Germany, Marle

  5. Thanks for joining in with 2013: The Year of the Finished Project. Love your Dresden plates. I look forward to seeing how you go with your February goals!


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