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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Morning Update on Snicker

Well she is still on the nest and the vaginal prolapse went back inside so that is good. I always worry about infections with prolapses  But "the Man of the Place went by the vet on the way home last night and we gave her shots last night to help relax the muscles and for infection. Then this morning we gave her Oxytocin  to induce labor, if she not already, which I thought she was. Seeing how there was no calf this morning she might not of been in labor like I thought. So now with the shot it will take 12 - 24 hours before she will birth. She is 10 years old and an experienced mom that I'm not expecting problems but you never know. 
So I'll stay home and keep an eye on her, so stitch group this afternoon is out of the question now. I'll try to finish the sashing on the 30's quilt and I have started this months baby quilt for he guild. Which is this weekend. I did it in pink which was last months color for
This months color is purple and I have that one started too. I'll show them later on with my NewFO, etc.
Time to get busy

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  1. Sorry you'll miss stitch group - you're such a good "mom". :)


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