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Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of the Month Tally

Here is the end of the months tally and
I wish I could say it was more than I'm going to share. But to make it look like I did a lot I'm putting together my color RSC13,
NewFO and confessions of my Git-R-Done for this month and what I'll make next list
 For the color this month which was purple I use 2 1/2 strips that I had left over. 

So I have 2 child quilts to donate. I decided that is what I was going to make each month with this challenge. 

This is how far I have gotten with last months color pink.
It will look like this one that I found online.

My NewFO for this month is the Granny Square Quilt from the class last week.

As you can see it will be two separate quilts.

30's reproductions
1800's reproductions

                Now confession time of the four on my list for Git-R-Done,  not one got finished. I really don't know what has happened. So guess what. I'm just going to roll over the list to that list for March. I would like to say at the end of next month that all were completed plus some.
1. Sisters in Scriptures

2. 30's Row Quilt

3. Christmas String Quilt

4. Work on Some Kind of Wonderful
5. January and March Rainbow color Challenge
That's it in a nut shell

As of 10:30 pm no baby calf yet.
The vet said it can take up to 24 hour for that shot to induce labor would kick in. Looks like that's what it will take.


  1. Your row quilt is really neat - love all the happy bright colors.

  2. What beautiful work you're doing. Thanks for linking up your NewFOs.

  3. Some absolutly beautifull looking quilts & almost quilts. Very tallented, I would love to next months list. :)

  4. I absolutely love the Christmas plaid string quilt. It just sparkles. Sigh. Some day I'll produce something besides a mess and good intentions! :-)


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