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Monday, February 18, 2013

What came home with me

One thing fun about working the quilt shows is coming home with some new fabric. Except I did not get fabric at the show but on the way at a couple of shops we stopped at.
A few fat quarters.
You know that means my stash report changed this past week, I added but did not use any.

Found some ombre fabric in these wonderful colors. They will work wonderful in appliqueing.


I have this panel already and I was looking for some coordinating fabric so I could sew it up and give it to the "little dudes"


Then another cloth book. They love their cloth books I have made for them.

A book on modern mixed quilts.
I'm thinking my daughter Laura might like one of the designs. 

All I can say is I love Bareroots designs. 

These are so cool, I have plan to make them for the boys. I have a lot of thought going through my mind on what fabric color, patterns and how to do their names.

This pattern I saw a couple of years ago all done up and fell in love with the look. This will be a NewFO.

Now this was just too cool. I am always looking for the unique sewing items and I think this qualifies. It is the stalk of a Century Plant, cut and varnished.
So interesting for a pin cushion.

I had purchased this pattern last year.

And then I came across these button accessories for this pattern.

So that's my quilt show booty


  1. I am in love with that little chick fat quarter! What line of fabric is it if you know?

  2. That Century Plant stalk certainly is an interesting looking piece. I want very much to touch it and get a sense of the texture. Since I applique lots of flowers, I love see great possibilities for those beautiful solids.

  3. mom - i love the growth chart with the polka dot fabric shown in the picture. does it come in the spring green color we have in the nursery? plus, how do you get the "i'm this big" hanger? that's awesome!

    and i love the little "sweet seat" pattern, but i want to approve the fabric choice first. ;)

    love you!


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