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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reading the manual to my new sewing machine, Kenmore 158.1040

I was going to write a quick post on what I am reading/listening to while sewing  and it is in a way. Just not the original thought. 
Here it is past noon, half my day over. And I have not sewn one stitch. You see I received a new sewing machine the other day, 
  it's a Kenmore 158.1040. 

So clean, doesn't look like it has been use much.

Isn't it beautiful.

This is the machine I had when I first started sewing back in 1973. I had gotten rid of the original machine but a friend of mine, Sandi B. had found one at an estate sale and bought it for me. So I decided I was going to try it out on the block for Sisters in Scriptures. Well when I started it up, it was awfully noisy so I decided it probably needed a good oiling. But you see the manual did not come with the machine. That meant I needed to get on the Internet and see if I could locate a free PDF file of the manual, for that I had to check a few sites, but I was able to find one here at a Kenmore parts site. 
That is what I have been reading, the manual.
So then I wanted to oil the machine. Well it took a quite few minutes to get the screws undone, they were rather tight. 

But I was able to get it all done and now it runs a lot quieter and smoother. I just love this little machine. This little machine sewn all mine and my two oldest girls clothes back in the day. It was a little work horse. 

But you see it only does straight and zigzag stitch. And like so many of us, after some years later I thought at that time I needed a new machine, so I upgraded to a 12 stitch Kenmore. I love that machine also (and still have it) but in my move to Oklahoma I ended up selling my original little machine and regretted every minute of it. But thanks to Sandi I now have the original model of the machine I had back in the early 70's I can't wait to sew it.

It does a beautiful little straight stitch and it has some power, it will sew through many layers of fabric. I remember sewing through 4 layers of Levi fabric and it did a wonderful job. If you can get your hands on one I would recommend it, such a good little machine.


  1. I love the roses on the machine case -- that's such a neat touch!

    1. On my first one, my daughter Stephanie decided that they needed to be colored. So she colored them red.

  2. What a gorgeous case!! I can't believe those roses in relief - won't find anything like that being made these days.

  3. Heart sick but so happy for you. I bought a Kenmore in 1966. My parents had a fit because I paid for it on credit. An $88 machine cost $100 after a year and they were so unhappy with me. But I sewed on that thing like crazy. And just like you I thought I had to have fancy-schmancy and sold the old one (in a cabinet) for $25. I still think of it. I miss it. That was a good machine. You got a doozy.

  4. The case is beautiful. I handed my Kenmore with cams from the mid-1970s to my son. He still sews costumes for SCA, occasionally, with that machine. They were workhorses. In 25 years, I mistreated it so badly, and only cleaned it once! It kept going anyway.

  5. I love the roses, too! You should display the case all of the time, it is so pretty!

  6. What a sweetie! A
    nd I bet it will sew through more 4 layers. Old Levi's used to have 12 layers where the side seams were wrapped. I didn't have that version but another and it just sang. I miss it, even if it didn't have a cover as cool as yours.

  7. I have my Nana's Kenmore (same model) I was searching for a manual when I found you! Thanks for the link, this will help me so much. I've had it about 9 years now & love it, even though I haven't figured out all the things it does.

  8. Hi! I just purchased one for 5 dollars at a local thrift shop; didn't realize it could do more than a straight stitch at first, but wow, I am surprised! I do have to buy a control foot for it and have been cleaning it though it isn't too bad. Of course, it will need oil. Wish me luck that it works! Happy sewing!


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