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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What it's Thursday

Here it is Thursday, and my goal for the week was to work on my Sisters and Scriptures quilt top.

But have I! 
 What I've done is clean house, laundry, putt around and did everything but take a single stitch on that quilt .

I did make some spool pin doilies

What I did work on was one of my Get-R-Gone for this month and that was my 30's row quilt. I'm working on one of the rows that has four panels of appliqued flowers and leaves.
I had planned to have those ready to take with me to McAllen Texas last week, but I did not get them done like I was hoping. So now I feel pressured for time and I decided that I would do machine appliqué  instead of hand appliqué. It saves me some time doing it this way. The method I use is what I call needle turned appliqué on your machine. I have posted about this once before and I have it in my tutorial section at the top, just pushed the tutorial tab and there's a link to my machine appliqué technique. 

It's easy and I like the look of it. It gives the look of hand applique.

 So that's what I've gotten done so far during all this nasty weather we've been having for the past two days and I have gotten to stay inside.


  1. Lovely applique, Kathleen. Sounds like my week - barely got some quiltin' in. Thanks for linking to Applique Thursday.

  2. You have some beautiful projects here! Love the row quilt. Sometimes I make plans to work on a certain project, and when I get to my sewing corner, I work on something totally different. Oh well!

  3. Looks like a very productive week to me. Thank you for the machine applique tutorial, I'll have to give that a go one day.

  4. Hello Kat,

    Love the projects you are working on. We have had the opposite weather to you, a heatwave.

    Happy days.

  5. It seems like the week wasn't so bad at all, you manage to do more than I did, at least when sewing is concerned.
    I love your appliqué block, thank you so much for the tip on the machine appliqué. It sure saves a lot of time and it's wonderful to use when you're in a hurry.


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