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Thursday, January 7, 2016

December's Circles

I have been meaning to write this and show my circles for December but my mind and time has not been in sewing.
This past week I have only been in the sewing room for an hour or so. 
Wanted to get caught up on the few circles I was lacking but decided this wouldn't happen before Audrey's link up closed. \And I wanted to share "the little dude" Christmas themed circles.
This is one set of what I have for December so far.

As you can count I'm 10 short and will make them up.
I have them cut out just need to them sewn. 
Hope you go check what others have posted of their circles.


  1. Beautiful seasonal prints! December is a tough month to keep up with anything. For awhile I was nearly two weeks behind, but finally got caught up.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a fun Christmas!
    This is such a great project!

  3. They are beautiful, the fabric is stunning.

  4. A themed series of blocks is lovely!
    Will you do all 365 in Christmas fabrics though I wonder?
    I am splitting my blocks into manageable sized quilts - mostly because I'm dreading the quilting LOL

  5. You've definitely captured the holiday season in the ones you got done.


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