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Monday, January 11, 2016

What's Up

Well after writing down my tasks of things to do today and prioritizing them, which I put sewing as one of the top three, as you hopefully can see there. I am loving this daily spread. I have it down to a page a day and I can change the color to fit my mood or liking.

 I am going to work on at least the blocks in month 8 of the Farmer's wife 30 samplers quilt BOM from Sager Creeks Quilt Shop. 

But up on the design wall I have some more of my Quilty 365 circles. Which were from a fabric that had Thomas the train and friends images on them. 

The boys are big fans of trains and Thomas.

And the last two corner blocks been appliqué down for the Words to Live By quilt I'm working on. All I have left to appliqué now is the center block

Later today I need to prep the Pea Ridge Lily quilt top that is getting sent off to a group of hand quilters to be worked on for me. There are so many quilts that I would preferred to have hand quilted and know that I do not have the time to do them all myself. So I'm fortunate to know a group of ladies who do a beautiful job quilting it for me

Image result for movie date
I wanted to share our ventures yesterday about going to the movie. We visited mom and she's doing fine thank you for your comments. They have her on anabiotic's for her kidney infection. So we made it to the theater and we waited in line and when we got up to the ticket window we were told that the showing we want to go to was sold out and the showing after that was also sold out.  Which meant we didn't get to see the movie. Instead we just went out to dinner. We're going to give it a try next weekend, Woo hoo 2 dates in one month. That doesn't happen around here much. I have to guess it must be a very popular movie at the time because the theater we went to with in Tulsa and has large sitting areas.  I guess I should've tried getting tickets online first before we attempted going. It's just that we go so little that I didn't even think about it at the time.

I did finish last night the large portion of the 30's sample last night while watching Downton Abbey. I will miss this show, I enjoy it very much, that Mary is pushy. Now it's on to the border. Check it out. I am just like so excited.
I really want to get this one done, I've been working on this one way too long. I have two other quilts I have started quilting on and need to be finished and would love to done this year. 


  1. It is always nice to see what you are working on. My favorite are the wool applique blocks.

  2. It has been awhile for me to do any quilting or even getting set up for January, but I should be back in the swing of things soon. What you are working on is great. My grandson also love Thomas the train and I got him a tent that is made like the train. Your quilting is coming along and I hope you finish soon.

  3. I am always in awe of your work such wonderful designs. Such a shame about the movie, the bonus is you get another date night, can't be bad...

  4. Love your traditional leanings! I'm subscribing to see more. Now I'm gonna check out this "bullet journal" ....

  5. Thank you for posting the photo of the back of your applique block with the cut out section. I'm working on some applique stars on scrappy backgrounds and was wondering how to cut the back out so I could add another layer on top. Now I know! Thank you very much.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @ aol.com, joyforgrace.blogspot.com)

  6. I know I will love your Lily quilt, cant wait to see the quilting!
    We always worry that a movie will be sold out, yet it never seems to happen here with so many theaters. Even Star Wars was no problem. Have fun on date2 next weekend!

  7. You got a lot done on Monday. Sorry you didn't get to see the movie. Hope you found a good place for dinner.

  8. What a fun gathering of work! That is going to be the cutest Thomas the Tank quilt. It's fun to see your Words to Live By so close to being a top - and I can't believe how complicated that one Farmer's Wife block is! Takes me back to my Dear Jane piecing days. :) Thanks for linking up at BOMs Away.


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