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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Top Ten for Q1 of FAL

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Well here it is, time for 2016 finish A-Long. To be honest it's snuck  up on me. I had forgotten about it, plus forgot to post the last quarter of last year's finishes. So I'm just going to just start with a new slate. Then later I'll take the time to find the list of the ones that were for last quarter and see what I did accomplish.

Forgive me on this post, it will be loaded with pictures

First one on the top 10 list is to finish the 30 sampler. I am in the homestretch on this one, Quilting the border now and after that of course the binding and label.
Then I'm done.
Yeah, after all these years.
Will feel good

Number two on the top 10 list is the tumbling snowman I have a started.... that's all I can say about this one.

 I have to put a few easy finishes on my list.
Which number three is. 
The Red String quilt is one of them. Just require binding only. These pictures were taken before it had gotten quilted.

Now number four is a quilt again that just needs the binding. 
I don't know if anybody else is guilty of this other than myself but I wanted this quilt on my bed because at the time I didn't have one I thought matched my room, even though I wasn't done with it. So I just went ahead, threw it on the bed and have been using for quite awhile now. Seriously this one needs to be bound.

Next number five is one of RSC15. Not sure the name at this one but I just call it my stacked bricks. Needs it all...to be assembled, quilted and bound.

The same goes for number six the Scrappy Spool

And since were on a roll number seven is from the same group the RSC15 challenge this is my 30s collection.

And last of the group, number eight which is Scrappy Nine Patch

Number nine is a baby quilt I have made out of scraps that I am going to practice my machine quilting on. It's  ready to go, so wish me luck

Number 10 and last is the 30's Row quilt. Has been hand quilted but need a little more detail to one of the rows

The row of houses I want to put in some more detail like grass and clouds. When I get done with that, this quilt is ready to be bound also.

So there you go....... 
 my top 10 for the 2016 finish along.
I am linking up at She Can Quilt.   And in the nick of time, barely 12 hours to go before the deadline I hope everybody has enjoyed looking it everybody else's unfinished projects that they have put on their list.
 I know I have and I look forward to seeing what gets done.


  1. You are going to have a wonderful collection of finished quilts by the end of the year!! xx

  2. so many beautiful quilts close to finish, lucky you.

  3. Looks like a good mix of the easy and close to finished, with the lots left to do on your list. Good luck!

  4. This is a fun mix of projects. I've had a 30's quilt on my bucket list for a long time. Love your row quilt. :) I didn't get anything written up for Q4, either, although I know I had several accomplishments off my goal list. I missed the Q1 goal setting deadline, so - I guess I'm on my own for the quarter. ;D


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