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Friday, January 1, 2016

Evolution of a Lister

I have kept lists of things to do, things to remember, just lists and more lists for a very long time. I would keep my first lists just on scraps of paper. Then when I started college it was on note pads. Then when I started teaching that notepad got clipped onto a clipboard. I did that for years probably at least 15 years.


I bought a padded folding clipboard portfolio  And then would carry that around on occasion but mainly kept it at work or at home. I found it kind of big and cumbersome to haul around with me all the time.
I would keep my sheets of lists for a while but then after sometime I would have the pile of tattered pages, what a mess.
So I would just throw them away. I also during this time had a journal. I started keeping one when I was a teenager and continue this.
I would do really well on keeping up with entries in my journal but of course there would be times I wouldn't have anything written. And that would be normal.
But when I started blogging I come to realize I was very seldom writing in my journal anymore. I really miss that.

  I have been using composition book to keep my lists in and then one day I decided to start writing in that notebook, reflections of my day. 
That was like a Eureka moment. Here I have a daily task list showing the things I did in a day and then I had reflections of thoughts, events etc. written also.

I really like that. So now that composition book is what I use for to do lists and journal in. It's nothing pretty, just practical actually. I give no thought whatsoever to what it looks like and then when I went to my daughters I noticed her planner and how she would do a little journaling in her and keep her things to do and many other lists in her planner.
Well I fell in love with it and sometimes when I fall in love with something I can get very impulsive without thinking.
That is what I did. I told myself it was an early Christmas present to myself. Need to be for the cost I was spending. That is what impulse buying does.

Got a Filofax and 

the insert like my daughter had, which came from Inkwell Press. Wonderful planner and would recommend it to others who like printed planners. 
I didn't stop there I purchase stamps and the ink pads, again like my daughter. No stickers thou, not into stickers. A couple rolls of whasi tape which I love. Some more color pens. I was set to go.
Then after I came down from this impulsive 
buying, reality set in and I need to figure out how I could get this to work for me.
Do what I've been doing and putting it into a planner. So I started to check out what others were doing with their planners and see what I could use. 
That is when I started to think that maybe this isn't the way I should be going. I want to continue having  planner and personal journal together. Can do it with what I bought but I wanted it to be something I can keep like my past journals. Being in a binder and not wanting to buy a new binder each year, I'm starting to think I made a mistake for me. That is when I came across this system called Bullet Journal
It had ME all written over it.

So I am re-gifting my Filofax and planner to my youngest daughter for Christmas.

My next post will show you what and how I'm doing my Bullet Journal.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting journal technique. I long ago learned that analog doesn't work for me. I'm going to have to stick with my form of digital record keeping. Though I love all those paper notebooks meant for keeping a journal.

  2. Love this post, as a life long list maker and journal keeper you had me nodding my head in agreement and smiling knowingly to myself about styles and types of notebooks to use. I love the compostion notebooks for journals and began volume 75 on my 60th birthday last July. Most of the journals include to lists, ideas, sketches and airbrained ideas, most covers are the traditioal black and white but over the years when the creativity overflows I have covered them in fabric, collage and paint. Happy New Year and Happy Journaling to you

  3. Enjoy your journal and writing and lists! Happy New Year! xx


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