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Friday, January 22, 2016

Some Show and Tell

Yesterday was our small groups day to meet and this time we all seemed to have brought something to show. 

JoAnn had been busy.

 antique one

Now the rest of us......

These pictures are Linda Grandsons class. As a raffle quilt,
the handprints the children colored themselfs.
How can they not bid on this. You know each of those children's parents and grandparents are going to want to go home with this.

Hope you enjoyed


  1. Now that was some impressive work. What a wonderful idea to make such a beautiful quilt with the children's handprints. Hope it raises lots of funds.

  2. thanks for the share--what lovely quilts--great use of that Lorelai fabric and my fave is: ALL of them--no really--I like the embroidered flower one and also the modern strip rectangle block one and that snowman pillow is sooo cute--well, you get the idea...hugs, from snow-ey CT julierose

  3. Lots of eye candy. The hand quilt should do very well for the class.

  4. What a talented and creative group you are!!! So many wonderful things, the hands are adorable aren't they! xx


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