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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hard Boiled Eggs in your Instant Pot

I was going through the pictures on my camera when I found these I had taken last year when I cooked eggs in the pressure cooker. 

Last year I purchased an Instant Pot and was finding ways to use it. Telling my friends about what I had and wanted to do is when Pam told me about how she hard boils eggs in her cooker.
I had never heard of that before.
Now that was something I needed to try
Well time went by and I forgot what she said so I went to the Instant Pot website and there is where I found these instructions,

Pour 1 cup water into the pot and position a steamer basket or trivet atop the steam rack.
Place 3-5 eggs, using canning lids or metal cookie cutters to separate/hold the eggs.
Close lid and steam valve.  Press Steam setting, and adjust time down to 4 minutes.  (5 minutes for hard boiled).
At end of cycle, place a cool cloth on the lid and quick release the steam valve. 

Use tongs to transfer eggs to a cold water bath for 1-2 minutes.
Peel and enjoy!

Now I don't know if you notice but they are all white eggs. That's cause I have had to resort to buying eggs. 

The eight girls I have  now are not laying.
Free Loaders 

If you are interested in more recipes for your pressure cooker here are a couple to start you off with


  1. I didn't know that you could boil eggs in a pressure cooker. Shame you are having to buy eggs with those beautiful hens.

  2. If I had a pressure cooker and if I ate boiled eggs I would give this a go! Glad that it works for you though!! xx

  3. It's amazing all the uses for pressure cookers these days. I don't have one, but I remember my Mom making stew in her's when we were little.

  4. I keep saying I am going to get me one of these pressure cookers....the eggs turned out great!

  5. This is the only way I hard cook my eggs these days makes peeling those super fresh eggs from my hens so easy. That is when my girls are laying. My hens like yours are taking the winter off and I had to buy eggs this week too. The shame of it!


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