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Saturday, January 9, 2016

How I set Up My Bullet Journal

I have been working on setting up my journal. Besides that I have been thinking about how and what I thought about showing.
This method I learn about and now hooked on, is called Bullet Journal.
There are at least 5 things I am so amorous about this.

First is the simplicity of it.

It can as minimalist as the way the original creator design.
To see how he set his up, go here to his Blog. 
Now I have taken the basics from him but added some lists (collections) I need and added a few other layouts I thought were useful. 

Second thing is the flexibility I have.
I have already change my mind on a couple thing since I started.

I was tracking my food on my dailies 

but now I've given a hold spread to my weekly tracking and incorporating my menu planning.
So if I feel that one thing I'm doing is not working I have the flexibility to change and try something new.

Third is how creative you can be if you wish. I've added different color pens, some washi tape and doodling. I have seen where it was just as Ryder done, plain and straight to the point. And then I have seen ones that have art drawing, stickers and stamps. 
If you check out Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook by putting in the words Bullet Journal, you will see so many variations.

I feel I'm somewhere in the middle.

Fourth is that you can make it very personal. Because it is not a pre-printed planner which can be decorated, this way you can  make it totally personal. Have only what you need. I have a yearly and monthly calendar, goals, important dates, book list, wish list, trackers, gratitude log, menu planning and my daily to do and reflections.

Fifth is what I wanted mostly and was a to way to have more than just a journal like I have been keeping since I was a young girl. 

Now I have a way to remember the little details of my days. I try this in my journals but just couldn't be happy with what I was doing. This book will be archived with my others journals when completed.

 UPDATE 1/15/16
I missed the deadline last week that 
I am now linking this post up at
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  1. Looks amazing, everything all in one place I seem to have lists all over.

  2. Wonderful! I have a notebook that I write all my lists and so on in and I have different lists for different things. I keep a diary for my appointments though! I hope that you enjoy using and making this and that it works well for you. xx

  3. Thank you so much for commenting on my planner post! Coming over here and reading this has given me so many different ideas for improving my own lack of system. :-)

  4. Looks like you've really made it your own with what works for you.

  5. It certainly seems very useful! I have a household journal and a quotes journal, but nothing like this. I will look into it!

  6. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! Happy Weekend! xx

  7. I love journaling!! have for years and yours is a whole new way of looking at it. Interesting and a possible new project.

    1. I was like you and now I'm smitten with this style.
      Hope you give it a try. Boho Berry has a good blog and so does Tiny Ray of Sunshine.
      They have given a lot of inspiration
      Have fun

  8. I've not heard of a bullet journal. Love the idea of personalizing it. I keep a journal that is more of thoughts than happenings. I do like the idea of a book list! Happy weekend.


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