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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another day

Today was another day of not much progress, I worked like crazy to get the last minute stuff moved like lamps, my handwork that I have been working on in the evening and just some little stuff. Did laundry because I wasn't sure if the laundry area was going to be one of the first floors they would work on.

But all that got done today was they took up the tile in the entry ways and level a hump in the kitchen floor with a big grinder/sander. Then put on sort of cement like product on it to level it out.

I was able to spent time in the sewing room. Finished a Farmer's Wife block.

Since I don't have much to share, thought I would share the class I attended last week. It was learning how to make a Cleopatra Fan.
This is another pattern from the 1930's that has been given a new life.  

  Image result for cleopatra fan quilt pattern

At Robert Kaufman fabrics they offer a free pattern for this quilt

I just love the look of this quilt and a great one for using up my exploding stash I seem to have.
Now this makes 2 new projects that I have started. Still looking for fabric to use on the Retro air-ship propeller quilt.

There was 6 of us in the class and were able to get a block done easily but the block is not a difficult block because of the curves. 

The curves are gentle ones but you do need to go slow and pay attention to placement of the pieces when you start and stop. I like to use my pointed tweezer when doing curves and seams where I need a lot of control of the pieces from slipping without pins. 

Also with this pattern you use templates. Pam who taught the class went to a sign shop and purchase a vinyl like sign board to use for the templates.

 I wish I could remember what the product was called. It was thicker than the template plastic you can get at the fabric store. Because it's flexible and thicker we could cut out our pieces with the rotary cutter. Just needed to go slow and in a smooth action.

Here is a tip for when you need to match up seams that were not sewn as a straight line more at an angle like the curves were.
Cut yourself a 1/4 width of painters tape, the blue stuff

Put it on you non-dominant thumb nail like the picture above.
Now you have a 1/4 inch guide to use for matching up seams. I will put a pin in this side and then do the back piece the same to match.
I'll use another pin while the pin is still in matching the seams to anchor it for sewing. 
I'll try to do a better job taking pictures of this when I make the next block. These were taken while at the class and couldn't devote a lot of time to picture taking.

Here is my block,
I use leftover fabric from a quilt I made from a Michele Hill BOM and fabric line.

Which is waiting to be quilted.

Here are a few of the others from class.

Here is the link to the free pattern

I hope to get a full day of sewing in tomorrow 

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  1. Love your free pattern - very unique looking. Our kitchen floor had to have the cement like stuff poured over part of it to make it level too and one day we will need it it the sewing room too - our house is old and has problems.

  2. The Cleopatra Fan blocks are lovely but I don't need to start another project. I'll just watch your progress. Blessings, Gretchen villacrestfarm@gmail.com

  3. Your Cleopatra Fan block looks great! If you happen to remember what the template material was called, I'd love to know. It would be nice to find template plastic I can rotary cut around.

  4. Dang! That Cleopatra block is gorgeous and I love the look of an entire quilt of them. Thanks for sharing your blocks and the link to the pattern on Main Crush Monday!

  5. Such a lovely block--quit giving me ideas! :)

  6. It is a beautiful block! I love the way you say it is not difficult, I wouldn't have a clue where to start! You are very talented! xx


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